Blogging for dollars – can you teach an old dog new tricks?

26th Apr 2008

Several months ago, Mike Sansone, a nationally known blogging leader located in Des Moines, told me that in today’s business environments, blogging is a key promotional tool.  I confess, at that point I had hardly read a blog, much less composed one.  So it is with mild shock that I share that not only am I blogging (albeit sketchily) but I’ve also teamed with the Des Moines Register to manage the Business Edge Blog at the Register’s website.  Please take a look…a number of business experts are providing expertise on an array of business topics that are valuable to small and mid-sized business owners, many of whom, are my age.  By the way, you’ll also find good advice at, a site managed by Drew McLellan.

So if you’re reading this and fear blogging, take it from an old dog who learned a new trickreading and writing blogs will boost your business.    



PaceSetter co-founds Business Edge to help businesses revitalize, restore or create shareholder wealth

15th Apr 2008

Terry Myers, Tom Steen, and I, all owners of independent consulting practices, have formed a new venture. Business Edge, LLC is a Des Moines-based company that helps small and mid-sized Midwestern companies revitalize, restore or create shareholder value. The group solves leadership, operational and sales issues that limit a company’s ability to attract resources to move to the next level.

Steen, a native Iowan and capital markets expert, is the founding principal of Transition Capital Management, Myers, founder of Terry Myers LLC, is a veteran senior management consultant. Pace, owner of PaceSetter Consulting, has senior management, operational and marketing experience. His Web site is